Friday, May 6, 2011


Jace Panebianco  Photo: Olaf Mitchell

I ran into Jace Panebianco at Woody's last Sunday and I asked what he had been up to and he mentioned that he was in the final stages of editing Poor Boyz Productions latest movie with Oxbow "Wall Of Perception".
The trailer was just released this week and after viewing it I feel that this film expresses exactly what
Maui Ocean Sports Magazine is all about.
Levi Siver  Photo: Olaf Mitchell
It features a host of  wave artists displaying respect  for each others disciplines and sharing their STOKE!

Matt Meola  Photo: Elliot Leboe

Antoine Delpero  Photo:

Ian Aldredge Photo: Jason Wolcott

Duane Desoto  Photo: Thierry Karwiec

Kai Lenny  Photo: Olaf Mitchell
Jason Polakow  Photo: Olaf Mitchell

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Matt Meola Photo: via internet
By now you all know the story so I just thought you might like to see this great video that Matt and Elliot  put together again. This is only one mans opinion but I feel that they did a great job of projecting the essence of STOKE!